About Happy Inspector

Our Mission

Our mission is to create easy-to-use products that simplify people’s lives.

Our Vision

At Happy Inspector, we take traditional pen and paper inspections and make them digital. Whether you are inspecting residential real estate, commercial buildings, cruise ships, ski resorts, food and safety or performing fire safety inspections; our products and mobile apps help make the process easier, faster, more professional and more transparent.

Our MissionOur company vision

We started Happy Inspector after feeling the pain and inefficiencies of inspections first hand. In the beginning we worked with property managers to figure out how they were conducting inspections, what the pain points were and what their ideal solution would be. With our awesome team, we used our expertise in engineering, design and marketing to develop an amazing solution that was simple and easy to use.

We continue to listen to our customers, watch how they use our software and keep improving our products based on their feedback and experiences. We are experts in mobile, technology and design. We love solving problems. We live by our HAPPY values.