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Here’s a list of features that our customers love about Happy Inspector.

Inspection generator1 Features You Will Love

Inspection generator

Quickly generate a customized inspection sheet unique to each property on your rent roll. Make unique fields for properties with just a few taps.

Vital information1 Features You Will Love

Vital information

At a glance, see a property’s address, location, tenant name, landlord name, next inspection date, and all the relevant contact details you need.

No more white out1 Features You Will Love

No more white out

Inspection layouts, conditions, notes… anything can be quickly and easily edited or deleted.

Easy assessments1 Features You Will Love

Easy assessments

Tap to record good, fair, clean, marked, dirty, or broken, add notes, and take photos. Tap hold to assess an entire room at once.

Easy imports Features You Will Love

Easy imports

Properties already in your property management software? Easily import into Happy Inspector and start inspecting right away.

Great views Features You Will Love

Great views

See every one of your property’s locations in realtime on Apple maps.

All done Features You Will Love

Save paper with emails

With the tap of a button email a copy of your report to tenants, landlords, yourself, and the office.

Custom branded Features You Will Love

Custom branded

Add your own logo, custom disclaimer and branded PDF’s to your property inspection reports.

Upcoming inspections Features You Will Love

Upcoming inspections

Find at a glance when and where your next inspections are. Never miss an inspection date again.

Make a route Features You Will Love

Standardize your route

Create an inspection route unique to each property – no more hunting for fields on standard sheets, and no more wasted time looking for missed rooms.

Beware of dog Features You Will Love

Beware of dog

A special “agent’s only” section of Happy Inspector records reminders, warnings or details you need to remember for your next visit to each property.

Time date water Features You Will Love

Time, date, water.

Each and every report automatically takes note of when you begin and end your property inspection, and allows a field for recording the water meter.

Search function Features You Will Love

Search function

Got a large rent roll? Let the search function find what you’re looking for by address, landlord, or tenant name.

Key finder Features You Will Love

Key finder

Get the right key the first time, every time. Happy Inspector lets you record a photograph and key numbers to each property.

Make your reports accessible Features You Will Love

Make your reports accessible from anywhere and easy to find

The reports are safely hosted online in Dropbox, so if anyone ever needs documentations from the past, you won’t be the one digging through the dusty paperwork.

Industry specific inspections Features You Will Love

Industry specific inspections

Whether you manage student housing for a major university or vacation rentals in Maui, Happy Inspector has the right templates for your inspection.

E signatures Features You Will Love


Skip the scanner and fax. Tenants and agents can add their signatures on inspection reports within the app with a swipe of the finger.

Custom ratings and report titles Features You Will Love

Custom ratings and report titles

Custom tailor your report titles and rating system to fit your business’s specific needs.

Add the reports back Features You Will Love

Add the reports back to your property management software

Save electronic copies of your report back into your property management software and never lose them.

Instant In App Support Features You Will Love

Instant In-App Support

Chat directly with a member of our support team from inside the app.

Embedded or inline photos Features You Will Love

Embedded or inline photos

To document the condition of an item, you can take multiple photos and caption them within the report. The photos can then be embedded directly next to the item, or added to the end as part of the addendum.

Finish Features You Will Love

A job well done

Once you are done, the next inspections will be easier because Happy Inspector remembers everything!

Plans and pricing that scale with your business

Get started today on an affordable pay-as-you-go credit plan or monthly subscription.

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What customers are saying…

I love this app and so does everyone at MDM Real Estate! We have been using it for a while and I was the hero of the property management department when I found it!Haley Kernells
MDM Real Estate

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